World Wide Integrated Taam Pasargad Consultancy

WWITPC has been reigning the Immigration industry by dispensing Global Resettlement Solutions to its clients who have found a happy living in some of the most privileged countries like Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our team of competent Immigration professionals guide Skilled, Individuals, and students and solve the challenges on immigration and settlement services faced by them. Also, our trusted professionals hold years of experience successfully assisting clients with immigration solutions.

By identifying all possible immigration options for our clients with the assistance of Lawyers/Consultants/Professionals/Firms and Companies who are authorized to represent the clients before the authorities, we help our clients in attaining their immigration dreams.

In order to ensure impeccable and hassle-free services being rendered to our clients, we give prime importance to professionalism and customer care service while dealing with them.

Immigrate To Preferred Destination

  • Canada

    New laws and programs are constantly being introduced by the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments to ensure hassle-free resettlement for the immigrants. There are numerous options under which you may reach and settle in maple country Canada. The most popular being Skilled Worker Class under Federal, PNP Programs, Business and Student Visa..

  • United States

    Situated in central North America, USA is the most desired destination for those who wish to migrate for the betterment of life. Since ages, the country has attracted people to settle down. More than 50 million people across the globe have settled in the country as the country accepts 700,000 people every year. The US is known as a melting pot with diversified culture because of the majority..

  • United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom has always been a fantasy world for immigrants across the world. United Kingdom has so much to offer to the immigrants, as in the last few years the UK has introduced a number of new visa categories including work permit, naturalization, visa, and UK working visa. The UK Border Agency introduced Highly Skilled Migrant Program in January 2002..

  • Australia

    Australia, the world’s smallest Continent and largest Island, derived from the Latin term ‘AUSTRALIAS’ which means southern, legends of an “unknown land of the south”, is often referred to as the “lucky country” with booming economy, political stability and quality life. Australia is known around the world for its stunning landscapes. Besides being a great country to live in and do business, Australia has an enviable reputation as it offers premium living..

  • New Zealand

    Rightly called the ‘Land of Long White Clouds’, New Zealand is a truly exotic country famed for its majestic blend of natural surroundings, vibrant culture, leisure life, state-of-art working environment, diversified business market, comprehensive policy framework and a friendly government. The country offers a series of excellent immigration programs that help people from all over the world to come to the ‘land of Kiwis’ to live, work, travel and study..

  • Europe

    Europe offers a number of opportunities to entrepreneurs besides offering them the benefits like low tax rates and free trade within the EU and the option to become a permanent resident within a short time. Different countries in Europe have their own immigration and visa programs for foreign entrepreneurs and investors. Some immigration programs might get one permanent residency, while others are time limited visas for work..

Our Services?

Filing your application is the first and foremost part of the procedure which requires professional handling at every step. Check out what we offer to our clients:

  • Administer detailed assessment of applicant’s education, professional skills/ training and work experience for Permanent Residency in the chosen country.
  • Provide immaculate assistance to client while preparing the case for immigration.
  • Identify and review all the supporting documents required for submission.
  • Submit the complete case with documentation and supporting evidence along with the WWITPC submission report to the processing Visa Office.

  • Consultation

    WWITPC Consultation Service expert will enable you to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the immigration process. Every individual different issue that needs to be discussed..

  • Eligibility Assessment

    Our Online Assessment will help you know if you are eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa. Register below to take the Assessment and view your results instantly..

  • Application Processing

    WWITPC has a significant role in the next steps of the immigrant visa process by providing instructions to applicants throughout the documentation gathering...

  • Client Assistance

    Client Assistance Program provides a direct one-on-one comprehensive information and referral assistance on basic needs and safety net services..

  • Pre Landing Services

    Assist client in assessment/ evaluation of their qualification from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the country of immigration...

  • Post Landing Services

    Immigration is just 30% of the entire settlement Process. Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. We take care of the rest 70% through our comprehensive...

Visa Categories

What clients say about us?

I want to thank you all for your efforts. I have received my visa for Canada. Really appreciate your work. Keep up the good work. You have the best team which help the client till last.

Prabhjot Kaur (Canada Skilled)

My journey with WWITPC has been great most specifically from the view point of pre landing services that Bidhan and his team had provided. Experience has been tremendous and extra ordinary. Thanks to all who were involved from head to toe in my relocation.

Aqif (Canada Skilled)

Thank you very much for your support. I would like to extend my special thanks to team WWITPC as it has been very helpful throughout the process and I will give them 7 stars!! I am pleased with WWITPC services and I will recommend it to my friends.

Farhan Akbar (Australia Skilled)

We are very happy and highly satisfied with your service and encouragement. Your staff was always very kind and encouraging. We thank everyone for all her help, timely clarification. Now we are in hometown, planning to make first entry to Australia.

Bobby Joseph (Australia Skilled)

I appreciate the support and hard-work WWITPC put into this application. A "thanks" is just not enough. Special thanks to WWITPC for being so patient and understanding with me.

Fazley Rabbi (Australia Skilled)

I don't know how to express my feelings. I am really thankful to each and every one in the WWITPC group. This is to confirm that I have been satisfied with your services and sure I will keep in touch with you all. Good day!

Jimmy Cherian (Australia Skilled)

Without doubt it has been a great journey with WWITPC during my process for Australian visa. Your support and help has enabled me to reach this stage and I am really obliged for all of your kind efforts and dedication. Thank you once again for your ki

Adnan Malik (Australia Skilled)

I applied for Canada PR through WWITPC and the process was very smooth and easy. They guided us in many ways and they are reachable at any time. So we are thankful to WWITPC for the help and smooth process at each and every stage. Definitely we will re

J.Harikrishnan (Canada Skilled)

WWITPC suggested me perfect course according to my ability and potential rather than just placing me in similar positions I had held in the past. They have always been professional, honest and reliable and I would not hesitate in recommending WWITPC to

Kusha Pandoh (USA Study Visa )

I had a very great experience with WWITPC. The process was smooth and updates were on time, things were transparent and clear with no ambiguity. I would like to express my gratitude towards the entire team of WWITPC who handled my case very strongly.

Suvarna Vyavahare (Skilled Visa Canada)

I would like to thank all the staff involved in success of my file. I take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of myself and my family.

Sanjiv Farmer (Skilled Visa Canada)

I would like to thank you and all the members of your team who worked hard to advise/guide us for processing and final approval of landing visa by CIC. Your team's work is really appreciated and further advice on how to proceed hereafter is solicited

Harry Sekhon (Skilled Visa Canada)

From my personal experience I would say that WWITPC is the best and the most professional from all the other immigration agents.

Teena Simon (Skilled)

WWITPC is all about pure professionalism and untiring efforts to make all the dreams of numerous immigration aspirants.

Silvy (Skilled)

I thank WWITPC for all the help and guidance provided throughout the process of my immigration case filing. Good Work Done!

R.S. Mac (Business Immigration)