Study and Work in Canada

  • Skilled Worker Visa

    Skilled workers and professionals are people who hold great qualification and work experience which enables them to find work and settle down as permanent resident in any country. With large number of people retiring in developed countries like Canada, the need for skilled manpower is growing. Skilled workers and professionals are in high demand in countries like Canada.

    Being a land of immense opportunities, Canada is home to individuals from various cultures from across the world. Famous for its cultural and environmental diversity, Canada is one of the most vibrant economies of the world and the booming employment sector makes it the most sought after destinations for the skilled workers and professionals.

    Canada constantly looks out for young and well-educated skilled workers and professionals to contribute to its economic growth. It is a knowledge based economy seeking job ready professionals who can fulfil the requirements by adapting the rapidly changing job market. Canada’s Skilled Worker Visa is the life changing reward for hardworking skilled workers and professionals.

  • Business Visa

    Canada, the second largest country in the world, is full of opportunities. It is a perfect destination for those who love to explore the limitless opportunities in the la-la land. With a business-friendly environment, Canada is ranked as the best place to live and work.
    It is one of the most sought-after countries when it comes to living a king size life with high employment rate in an ever-expanding economy.
    The country offers great opportunities to foreign business investors with a lot of benefits including reasonable tax rates, smooth transport, innovation strategies, and many more. All such benefits make it the most favorable business destination.

    Business Visitor Visa Basic Requirements: Barring the applicants from DCO (Designated Countries of Origin) and visa-exempt countries, visitors from most nations may obtain a visa under Business Visitor category. The list of DCO is reviewed from time-to-time. Visitors from Designated countries need to obtain TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). Applicants must possess a valid passport and ensure that they are criminally and medically permissible to enter Canada.
    Business Visitors must be able to provide documentation showcasing their intended business activities in Canada. It is essential that visitors applying under this category should have their centre of business and the source of income and profits amassed outside of Canada.

  • Family Visa

    Family reunification is highly encouraged in Canada. The Family Visa programs that Canada offers comes along with a range of programs and opportunities for Canadian citizens and permanent Canadian residents to sponsor family members to live in Canada.

    Spousal Visa A person who is a Permanent Resident of Canada can sponsor a person as his/ her spouse if that person is married to the Permanent Resident (required the marriage is performed in a legal service). A marriage between two persons of the same sex will also be recognized for immigration purposes, if the marriage was legally performed in Canada, or was performed outside of Canada in a country where marriage between two persons of the same sex is legally recognized.

    Dependent Child Visa Canada encourages familial ties. The Dependent Child visa is intended to reunite children with their Canadian parents. This visa allows Canadian citizens and permanent Canadian residents to apply to sponsor their or their partner's dependent or adopted children who are of 19 yrs of age or below. Once approved, dependent children can join their sponsoring parent(s) in Canada. Dependent children can enjoy permanent residence and can live, study and work in Canada.

  • Student Visa

    Canada is well known for being world class education destination attracting students aspiring to attain quality education. The degrees/diplomas attained from Canadian institutions are internationally renowned and falls among most sought after in the world. Albeit all this, the tuition fees in Canadian College/University are among the lowest in the English speaking countries.

    There are many other advantages of studying in Canada. It is a multi-cultural country with people from across the world. As a result, the people residing in Canada are more aware of various cultures. Being in a close proximity to the US, Canada becomes a key player in the global arena.

  • Travel Visa

    Lively Cities, great environment, and spell-bounding nature make Canada one of the most preferred travel destinations of the world. The maple leaf nation is well known for its business friendly environment and serves as a lucrative place for entrepreneurs from across the globe.
    Travellers who wish to visit Canada as a tourist or to explore business opportunities will be required to have a valid entry pass such as Travel Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

    Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) In effect from March 15, 2016, individuals with passports from eTA-required countries who come to the Canadian nation by air will need a valid eTA document.
    An eTA is an authorization which is electronically linked to a traveller’s passport and stands valid for a period of five years or until the passport expires, whichever happens first.
    Applying for an eTA is simple and affordable online procedure wherein the applicants receive their authorization within few minutes after submitting their application online.
    Individual who need an eTA must obtain one at least 48 hours prior to their intended date of travel to Canada to avoid any complications. Also, individuals must travel with a valid passport used for obtaining an eTA.

  • Citizenship

    Considered one of the most coveted citizenship in the world, Canadian Citizenship can be obtained through legally recognized permanent residence or specific family ties.

    Citizenship through Permanent Residency Citizenship by Investment programs offers the applicant and his family an opportunity to legally acquire citizenship and passport quickly, without causing any disruptions to routine life. It may or may not require the applicant to reside in the country prior to naturalisation. Obligatory residence is beneficial for the countries because the investor pay taxes and assists in improving the state’s economy by creating additional jobs or increasing the demand of consumable goods.
    WWITPC, in this regard, offers the best programs to its clients.
    Some of the benefits of Citizenship by Investment aside from visa free travel include access to various markets, transportation and business facilities, a civil society with modern services and infrastructure.
    New Canadian Citizenship requirements have been announced by the authorities with effect from June 11, 2015.

  • Temporary Work Visa

    Canada, one of the developed and widely growing economies, offers a host of opportunities to people from across the globe. Each year, thousands of individuals are hired on a temporary basis by the Canadian organizations for a wide range of skills to fill in job positions which cannot be fulfilled by the existing workforce of the nation. Such workers are required to obtain a temporary work visa.

    This liberal program, instituted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows eligible foreign workers to work in another country for a specific period of time.