With global integration, education sector has captured a big amount of population across the world. In the present era, studying abroad brings along benefits including educational excellence, high rate of employment, and tremendous income potential with exquisite work environment.

Career planning unquestionably requires expert's guidance in terms of gaining insight to the educational opportunities available worldwide. The students looking forward to start their educational tour overseas and planning to put their careers on a fast track may take assistance from the experts at WWITPC.

At WWITPC, we provide you with an immense range of special and high quality educational universities/colleges all over the globe. We guide our clients with a hassle-free process that helps them in selecting, applying, and procuring admission to leading foreign universities/colleges. We are well equipped to help you while selecting the most appropriate educational option and the preferred country.

We help you to settle down after the successful completion of your studies in countries like: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, USA, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Malaysia and UK etc. and further help you to settle down after the successful completion of your studies

Canada is well known for being world class education destination attracting students aspiring to attain quality education. The degrees/diplomas attained from Canadian institutions are internationally renowned and falls among most sought after in the world. Albeit all this, the tuition fees in Canadian College/University are among the lowest in the English speaking countries.

There are many other advantages of studying in Canada. It is a multi-cultural country with people from across the world. As a result, the people residing in Canada are more aware of various cultures. Being in a close proximity to the US, Canada becomes a key player in the global arena.

Fast Facts - Canada

  • IELTS mandatory (6.0 or 6.5 bands)
  • Personal Interview may be required
  • Nominal expenditure
  • Better Settlement Solutions
  • Job Availability (20 hours for part time work, salary per hour 12-14 CAD$)
  • Part time work easily available
  • 20 hours off-campus work is allowed to students

US Universities, Colleges and Schools have always earned very high ranking in the world-class education rankings. This is just one of the reasons to study in the US. Institutions such as Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, Julliard, Berkeley School of Music, West Point, are all world famous and welcome international students.

The US offers international students the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. International students who choose to study in the US have almost unlimited study choices. Furthermore, international students who successfully complete their US study are highly sought-after gen-next professionals by employers worldwide.

The UK is a multicultural society that comprises of an amalgamation of people from diverse backgrounds. For students wishing to study in the country, there is a great scope of learning about new cultures and meeting people from all walks of life. Most UK universities and colleges have separate cells for international students, to help them adjust and share their grievances, if any.

UK is among the most sought-after destinations for higher studies, especially for Indian students because of similarity in the education system. Having outstanding teaching facilities and faculty, UK educational institutes offer a state-of-the-art education system that is highly acceptable by the global economies.

The recommended age for higher education in the UK is 18 years and above. Studying in the UK helps in learning and understanding the English language.

WWITPC is a one-stop education center for students who wish to study in Australia. Our team of expert consultants provides students with services like visa processing, eligibility assessment and application processing - services that help them get through the entire Australian Student Visa process in a hassle-free way.

Australia is a blend of contemporary cities, majestic landscapes and a well-acknowledged education system, Australia is among world’s leading countries to live and pursue tertiary studies in. With WWITPC, you get years of diverse experience and know-how that ensure expedited processing of a Student Visa to Australia.

Quality educational institutes are there in every region of this exceptionally beautiful country, offering all levels of education, from certificates to doctoral degrees. To attract international students, the Ministry of Education exempts aspirants from paying foreign student fees by classifying them as domestic students. Also the Government provides an organized framework for looking into queries and problems of students coming from overseas.

At WWITPC, we leave no stones unturned in getting you admitted to your dream college as we truly understand what it takes to see a dream.

After you complete your study in Recognized Basic New Zealand Qualification, we would help you in getting one year Work Permit under Study to Work Scheme. After working for one year, you will be eligible to claim minimum qualifying points and easily qualify for Expression of Interest to file for New Zealand Permanent Residency which would be filed by WWITPC.